Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari free pdf download. Modern Romance is a unique collaboration between comedian Aziz Ansari and sociologist Eric Klinenberg. Published in 2015, the book delves into the evolution of romantic relationships in the contemporary era.

It’s a blend of Ansari’s humor and the latest social science research, offering a comprehensive study of the joys and challenges of today’s love life. The authors carried out thorough research, including discussions and interviews across different cities, and examined behavioral data and surveys.

Aziz Ansari’s book humorously and thoughtfully dissects the often perplexing and exasperating behaviors that define our romantic interactions in today’s world.

Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari Book Info:

  • Publisher: Penguin Press
  • Published: June 16, 2015
  • ISBN: 9781594206276
  • Pages: 295
  • Size: 3.65

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