Winter's Heart By Robert Jordan

Download pdf of Winter’s Heart By Robert Jordan. This is the ninth novel in the epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. Set in a world where conflicts escalate, the book follows multiple storylines. Perrin Aybara seeks to rescue his kidnapped wife, Faile Bashere, from the Shaido Aiel. Elayne Trakand grapples with rebellious nobles. Mat Cauthon, trapped in the Seanchan-occupied city of Ebou Dar, encounters Tuon, the heir to the Seanchan Crystal Throne. Rand al’Thor, now a Warder, faces Asha’man traitors and uses powerful sa’angreal to cleanse saidin.

Winter’s Heart By Robert Jordan Book Info:

  • Publisher: Tor Fantasy
  • Published: January 7, 2002
  • ISBN: 9780812575583
  • Pages: 302
  • Size: 1.38

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