Simple Ways To Encourage Reading Habits

27th Dec 2021

There are simple ways to encourage reading habits and you can do it more simply than you can think of. One of the most important tools to be alive is to keep learning and growing. As Albert Einstein said, ‘You start dying when you stop learning.’ I can not explain the importance of learning in an article.

It is one of the most important nature of a human being. Reading books is the best way, and you can say the only way to learn new things that will keep you alive and help you grow. We all read academic books. Even it is done forcefully for the sake of our career.

But, do we read books that can help us to learn awesome things? Books that carry a lot of ideas and methods and a lot of stories that can inspire us. We all want to read fictional and non-fictional books, but somehow, we can not manage our time.

What if reading extra-curriculum books become our habit? No doubt that it will be one of the best habits that you can grow.

Ways To Encourage Reading Habits

Simple Ways To Encourage Reading Habits

Reading fictional books was my habit at a time in my life, but somehow, I was lost, and again I am trying to come back on track. Now I got too many books that I often read and finish as much as I can. Reading books can be your habit too by following some easy methods that I’m going to share today.

Start Reading Short Books

Suppose you do not read books except academic ones that much yet. If you lost the habit of reading like me, you could start it again with small books. You should not start with 200/300 paged books. We have to start with small and interesting books that will be easy to finish.

Because we do not have the habit of finishing long books, you will find the book interesting whenever you can finish a small interesting book. You will find the book interesting. If you read properly, you will surely get connected with the book.

So first of all, start with a short book. Find books that won’t take much time to finish up. And after getting some short books, try to finish it at a time. Small books at first will lessen the chance to procrastinate.

And it will help the habit to grow slowly inside you. Some of the best small books that I have read are, Eat That Frog, Who Moved My Cheese. You can also start with these two.

Make A Reading Routine

Surely you need to have a target and force yourself to fulfill it. For example, if you are reading a nonfiction book with 7 contents, set a target to read one content each day.

Thus you can finish a book within a week. If you are reading a fiction book like Al Chemist, you can read it page by page. As an example, set a target to read 10 pages a day or 5 pages a day. Set the target according to the time you have. And try not to miss a day because it is a bit hard to grow a habit at first.

You have to force yourself much at first to read. And when you finish reading a book, It will give a mental satisfaction that will help very much in the growth of habit. And also, you will learn so many things and feel so amazing rea



Habit grows slowly and subconsciously. When you will find your interest and find it interesting, reading books you like will help you to grow the habit inside you slowly. And practicing daily is so much important.

When you have enough time and do not want to read books according to your target, that’s the day you have to force yourself to read. Cause habit grows in the days when you try to procrastinate. Force yourself to complete the target of reading books consistently. The habit will be grown automatically.

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