Poetry is one of the earliest branches of literature. The idea is that when the people of the world had no literacy, people still had poetry in their mouths. Poetry has come in different forms at different times.

Different forms of poetry have become different branches of poetry today. There is no shortage of people’s interest in this poem. It is said that a poetic being lives in the heart of almost everyone.

Poetry is when a person expresses any thoughts, thoughts, emotions, and feelings inside his mind in a rhythmic form. But this is not a definition of poetry. To date, no poet has given a clear definition of poetry.

Famous poets have only expressed their thoughts about poetry while defining it. From that, though, we try to find the definition of poetry. The world-famous Greek poet and philosopher Aristotle said, “Poetry is more than philosophy; it is greater than history.”

And in the following, I’m going to focus on some of the best poets in the world. They kept their philosophical thinking in their poems for years and years. It’s always inspiring to read poems that speak the words of life.

Worlds Greatest Poets- William Shakespeare
Worlds Greatest Poets- William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a famous and very well-known English poet and playwright. He is considered one of the greatest English language writers and one of the world’s leading playwrights. He is also known as the “National Poet” of England and the “Bard of Avon.” His works include 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few more.

Shakespeare also co-authored several works with other writers. His plays have been translated into every major living language and staged more times than any other playwright. He wrote some books of poems, which are stunning. His poems are The Phoenix and The Turtle, Sonnet 20, Venus and Adonis, etc.

Emily Dickinson
Worlds Greatest Poets- Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

Two of the nineteenth-century American poets are considered original poets. One is Walt Whitman, and the other is Emily Dickinson. Emily Dickinson is known worldwide today for her expression style through broken rhymes, dash marks, and capital letters in her poems.

Emily’s poetry is regularly taught in American schools. From school children to all kinds of people in this country, little is known about Emily Dickinson’s name and writing.

If you go to any library, you will find hundreds of books on it. Even then, scholars are still searching for him. Emily Dickinson wrote about 1800 poems. 8/12 of his poems were published during his lifetime.

The inner world that inspired him to write about life is built on the indomitable desire to know the truth (in other words, beauty), love, and the thought of death.

In addition to the two houses where Emily Dickinson lived and the house next door where her brother Austin and his family lived – Emily Dickinson limited her life and movement to these two houses.

So besides, these two houses touch his inner world in various forms and forms presented in his poems. Some of her book’s names are The complete poems, Selected Poems; I’m Nobody! Who are you? etc.

Walt Whitman
Worlds Greatest Poets- Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

I’ve already mentioned Wal Whitman’s name in the upper section. Walt Whitman is considered one of the original poets of the nineteenth century in America.

In his poems, the ideal of America’s great freedom was alive. He has expressed his richness, innovative style, and national mentality in his poetry so that there is no need to discuss American literature without reading his poems. Along with Emily Dickinson, she is considered one of America’s leading poets.

At the beginning of the 150th anniversary of Leafs of Grass, literary critic Harold Bloom wrote, “If you’re American, Walt Whitman is your emotional father and mother.” Walt Whitman was born in 1819 on Long Island, New York. He was energetic and unconventional from a very young age, exhaustively expressed in his poetry.

Robert Lee Frost
Worlds Greatest Poets- Robert Lee Frost

Robert Lee Frost

The loneliness, the anguish, the frustration of family life in which the seeds of poetry were sown, the meaning of his life in the diverse cosmos of lifelong nature that the poet, to put it more clearly if the list of the top 10 poets in English literature, whose name will dominate Poet Robert Lee Frost.

Growing up in a small village in New England, the poet paints a picture of his own emotions, feelings of pain, and dissatisfaction in the midst of nature. Wrote all the beautiful poems about snow falling in patches, fireflies, snow falling from the hemlock branches.

The four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning poet inspired himself; many want to know. What is hidden behind this poem of his, any unfulfillment or deep frustration

William Butler Yeats
Worlds Greatest Poets- William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yates is one of the greatest English poets and playwrights of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923.

Although he entered the literary arena as a romantic poet, he constantly changed the genre of poetry. He later wrote modern poetry with a unique style rich in a combination of reality and surrealism and a sense of life and global vision, the appeal of which is universal and timeless.

He is one of the few writers whose best works have been written since winning the Nobel Prize. Gradually, he abandoned romanticism and became an eccentric poet. The various complexities of modern civic life are captured in the poetic balance in his poems.

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