The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review and Summary

The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review Is written with an open mind for all, This self-help and meditation book was developed by none other than Jose Silva. Read our The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review to find out more about the book!

At its Core, The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva was written to increase one’s individual ability through relaxation. This method uncovers the Development of higher brain functions and psychic abilities like that of clairvoyance.

It became popular in a very short time, and even now this method developed by Silva has gained a lot of fame and is used by many.

About The Author

Jose Silva was Born in 1914 on August 11. He is an American Self-taught parapsychologist. He was from Texas, supporting his family from the tender age of 6 starting from selling newspapers, shining shoes, and doing loads of odd jobs.

Attending school wasn’t a viable option for him but he showed his brilliance from early as just seeing his brother and sister do their schoolwork was enough to learn to read and write.

Jose Silva
The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review

During World War II Silva was recruited into the signal corps, it was from here that Silva got introduced to psychiatrists as they asked him odd questions during his examinations.

He didn’t miss the chance there as he asked for a psychiatrist’s books on hypnosis that was there.  It was from there that his journey had probably started for real.

With time The Silva Method still unnamed then, had developed by him to increase his children’s IQ and develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.

Before long he found that his daughter had developed clairvoyance, Silva Finally decided to delve deeper and learn more about the development of psychic abilities.

As time passed in 1944 Sliva started developing his method, Known as the Silva Method. He used it on his family members, and friends and finally launched a commercially active institute in the 1960s.

Silva dedicated his whole life to the awakening of the human mind’s hidden potential. After 24 long years of research, his findings were released in 1966 after that, he spent the remainder of his life perfecting his work and his method while also teaching the next generation.

The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review
The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review

The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review Through The Chapters

The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva is a guide that teaches you the power of mind to not only heal your body but also sharpen your senses, and memory and solve everyday problems with nearly superhuman powers.

The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review
The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review

In this The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review we hope to go through the chapters of the book, which is the abridged version of the courses that Silva had released and taught.

Alpha State And It’s Real

All of the techniques that Silva developed begin in kind of the same way. He talked about a state of the mind called the Alpha State or the Alpha Level. His book starts with us delving into What is This State called the Alpha State.

Silva meant this state as the peak state that a human could have and tells how one could perpetually access this state through self-hypnosis.

The Alpha State as described in the book is a key part of his method, it’s a relaxed state with a highly creative mind, if calculated, then when you are in this state your brainwaves should be in 7 to 14 Hz. This state converges between, meditation, daydreaming, and transition into sleeping.

As led from the book, you first have to Enter the relaxation mood, find a quiet place sit down be comfortable, and relax. feel your breathing and take deep breaths, release the tension.

Then start an imagination, think of a peaceful place, whatever your mind feels is peaceful, imagine it, and visualize the place in as much detail as possible.

it’s from here that you will enter the Alpha state, Silva told of the three-finger technique here, when you can use it, you should be able to instantly trigger the Alpha state, To make this trigger, Go into Alpha level, hold your thumb, index finger and your middle finger together.

Silva says that’s not the end, you have to stay in this state, think about your peaceful state, focus your breath, and visualize as much as you can.

As told by Silva exiting the Alpha state should also be delicate, count backwards from five to one. Finally, open your eyes and take a few minutes to adjust yourself again. That’s how the book explains.

Silva Mind Control Method Explained In the Book

Silva’s creation of techniques teaches his method of using the power of mind to heal your body, sharpen your senses, and your memory, and show a powerful superhuman strength of mind to deal with everyday problems.

Its popularity has been rising since the day Silva released his research and has been used by many, the book talks about it in detail.

Solution To Your Real-Life Problems

Silva didn’t leave out anything, he encompassed quite a lot of the everyday problems we usually face in our life and made a checklist to solve them with their solutions. the book’s highlight of these problems found a lot of popularity as any who reads it gets to relate to them and find it helpful.

Incorporation of Autosuggestion In Silva’s Mind Control Method

Autosuggestion was developed by apothecary Emile Coue in the 20th century. It’s a form of guiding technique that makes suggestions by your self for your self, guiding one’s thoughts feelings, or behavior the whole way.

Jose Silva added two segments from Autosuggestion Into his Silva Mind Control Method:

  1. Focus Of A Single Thought: This principle is used in Silva’s Mind control method to focus one’s mind in a single-minded way and increase focus by also eliminating any distractions. Thinking only one thing at a time makes it possible to achieve the best result in a single thought process.
  2. Reality And Thought As One: Silva wanted his method to help one to manifest their goals and desires. So Silva took the element of Thoughts becoming reality from Autosuggestion when we focus on a specific concept, we think it’s real as our body translates it into action.

These two segments or principles from the autosuggestion are fundamental to the SIlva mind control method and are used to help individuals control their minds and thoughts.

In light of the conclusion, we have to say that this is at the end a summary of the book that we presented in The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review, there is loads more information to be found, read, and actualized from the book itself, so we recommend reading this book if your really interested in this method.

High-lighted Criticisms Of The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva Book Review was written with an open mind, As we explained how this book has achieved success throughout the readers, we would not fail to fill you in on the criticisms that have been brought out as well.

  1. Some strategies shown in the book don’t have any proof based on scientific research, like how the Silva method talks about extrasensory perception or every healing. there is no concrete proof and widely thought of as nothing more than an unfounded thesis.
  2. Some think of it as a religious movement since it has claimed to have a connection to a higher form of intelligence, it kind of portrays itself as a cult or even a religious movement for such reasons.
  3. Critics have also pointed out that meditation methods can be found for cheaper elsewhere, there are claims that though the presenter might be proficient and entertaining, the program doesn’t justify its value and its actual price.
  4. On platforms like Good reads and other selling platforms where books are distributed all over the world, this book has received mixed reviews from readers. making it seem somehow skeptical.

We inform again, that these criticisms aren’t what reflects the whole book, it is just the opinions of single individuals and many others have found Silva’s mind control method very useful.

So in conclusion it can be said that the Silva Mind Control Method By Jose Silva book review has been written in a new light, considering all kinds of opinions and widely believed notions, We hope you gained what you needed after reading this review and would read more from our Large collections of Books and Blogs!

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