Essentialism By Greg Mckeown - Review And Ratings

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown is a book that will help you  Essentialism is a self-help book written by Greg Mckeown. I think the word ‘Essentialism’ has already given an idea to you of what is inside the book.

This is all about focusing on some key tasks of life that can generate a huge outcome.

We often get stuck in so many tasks and can not accomplish them fully or focus on all the tasks. This often leads us to procrastination. That’s a different matter, though.

There are some essential tasks, and some tasks are not that much important. Or can not provide the long-term value we want. And unfortunately, many of us can not focus on the essential tasks.

This book will help you eliminate things that aren’t important in life to focus on the important tasks. Not only this but there will also be so many important things were discussed in the book.

In the following section, I will try to review the book and give you a clear idea about what is inside the book. Hopefully, you will read this post from beginning to end and do not miss anything cause it’s important to discuss.

Essentialism By Greg Mckeown - Review And Ratings

About The Author

The author of the book Essentialism is Greg Mckeown. Greg Mckeown is an author, public speaker, business, and leadership strategist. He was born in London in 1977.

He is a well-known public speaker, and he wrote many self-help books and still reading. His last book Effortless was published in this current year. It means he is a very active young author. His writing is getting more and more reach day by day.

One of his famous books is Essentialism. This book was a bestselling book, and from this book, the author made a place for New York Times bestseller authors. He also wrote the book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

Essentialism By Greg Mckeown - Review And Ratings

Inside The Book Essentialism By Greg Mckeown

The book was published in 2014 by the author Greg Mckeown. The book is a million-copy bestseller. The ideas that were shared in the book were amazing. The book is focused on the essential tasks that you have to accomplish to reach your goal. That is why the name of the book is Essentialism.

The book says, Living Life by Design Not By Default. That means we shouldn’t waste our time doing random things; we need to focus on the essential tasks that can give the best outcome according to our life goals.

One of the things that came from the book is Paretto Principle. I think some of you have already heard about this. If you didn’t, let me explain. Suppose you can have one hundred tasks to finish, but ten important tasks can give more outcomes than the other ninety tasks.

That is what Paretto Principle teaches us. Essentialism says it too. Our energy and focus power aren’t unlimited. So we need to invest the energy and focus on limited things that matter in our life.

But the challenge is to identify tasks and things that matter in our life if you think that you are stuck in so many tasks and burn out of energy. And if you can not invest your energy into things that matter.

If you are unsure how to identify important things, then apply a method used in this book. The method is elimination. You have to eliminate things that do not matter to focus on things that matter.

This book can help you with amazing ideas already been shared in the book. If you are struggling to accomplish the tasks that matter in your life, I recommend reading this book.


We have already reached to end of this article. This book got very decent reviews and ratings. Essentialism got 4 ratings out of 5 in Goodreads. This book got 4.5 in Barnes and Noble and 4.7 in

This shows how people around the world liked this book. If you think we have missed out on any topic about the book, you can comment in the following. Keep reading books and spread the love of the book.

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