Read ‘House of Earth and Blood to experience an adventurous tale. Firstly, a book-lover person knows about GoodReads where you can write a review and give your rating of any book and read others’ opinions about those books. Secondly, Saraj J. Mass is also popular with those who know and are the daily visitors of GoodReads.

She got the GoodReads Choice award about 4 times, it’s for all over the world, but she is the #1 New York Times bestselling author in the US. She is well-known for her debut series, ‘Throne of Glass.’ And then for her ‘Crescent City‘ series. House of Earth and Blood is the first book of the series, Crescent City.

Thousands of people have read this book and recommend others to read it. But why? Because this book is one of the best creations of Sajah Mass of fantasy writings, for what she is popular.

I’ve recently read this book, and I want to share my personal opinion about this book briefly. Let’s read what is in the book and why this book is so popular.

House of Earth and Blood
Read ‘House of Earth and Blood

Reasons Why I Like ‘House of Earth and Blood’ Book

I’ve read most of Sarah J. Maas‘s books. Almost every book is well-appreciated by the readers. The secret behind her success is her writing stylus. She is the kind of writer who will drag you into her writing like her novels’ characters will pull you into the book, the story. You will feel like you are a character. You can touch it, and feel it.

In this book, Sarah J. Mass expertly blended modern-day and magic, humans and myth. The romantic story of this book was written about the love story of a half-fairy, half-human. We know fantasy is usually medieval or at least has a monarch or something.

But in her House of Earth and Blood book, she added modern life with magic like art or something animated stuff that you are seeing. Her writing and blend are two things that don’t mix actually, but she did it in her book, simply speaking wonderful storyline.

Every character, twist, and turn of the story will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you’ll feel like you’re watching a medical romantic movie.

After completing this book, all I can say is the story of this book has strong beyond-death friendships, love of family; both blood ties and not, steamy romance, attitude, and heart-wrenching events that will feel you your heartbreaking humor that will make you laugh out loud, and the suspense that you couldn’t accept at all :D.

I admit that this book’s beginning will be a little bit slow(maybe), even though you know that the story is being slow, but continue, the story, the romance, thrill, turns, and tragedy will strike, and you will feel the story completely.

Why You Should Read ‘House of Earth and Blood’

This book is undoubtedly a masterpiece by Sarah J. Mass and is a must-read book for the fantasy genre book lover. But yet, if you feel confused about reading this book or not, let me make you clear why you should read this book. The first suggestion for you is, don’t get scared after seeing that this book has 800+ pages. This book will be worth reading.

First Strictly Adult Fantasy By Sarah J.

Sarah J. has written lots of young adult books. But this book is her first adult book. The central character of the story is about 25 years old. That means the story of this book; the romance is deeper than in her last few adult series. The story of this book is more mature and for a little bit older people. If you are a romance lover, this is a must-read book for you.

New Female Protagonist

If you have read Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses, you are already a fan of Celaena and Feyre. This book introduces us to a new female protagonist, Bryce, a fun-loving young woman, she is half-fae, half-human. You will love Bryce because she is smart, adaptable, and most importantly, she has survivor determination.

Romance and Thrilling Murder Mystery

In a love story, how will it feel if you get a thrilling murder mystery? Sarah covered the plot with romance, but she smartly included the mystery of a murder in the story that will give you a feel of the detective genre.

Finally, this is seriously a masterpiece by Sarah. I hope you will enjoy this book.

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